A kitten sitting in front of a blackboard

If given the opportunity to ensure their pet’s lifelong health and wellness and support the welfare of other animals in need, the average pet owner would gladly jump at the chance. When you decide to spay or neuter your pet, that’s exactly what happens!

These routine surgical procedures greatly reduce health problems down the road for cats and dogs and significantly impact the number of homeless animals in our community. A win-win situation for sure!

Why Does it Matter?

Dogs and cats can be highly prolific when it comes to mating. While a growing percentage of puppies and kittens need forever homes, their odds of getting adopted are reduced as they grow older. As a result, euthanasia rates continue to be on the rise.

A Call to Action

To address the sheer importance of spaying and neutering cats and dogs, numerous organizations, like the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association and the Humane Society of the United States, have joined forces. Originally known as Spay Day USA (created by the Doris Day Animal League), World Spay Day takes place every year on the last Tuesday in February. This year, the impact of this international event will last far beyond February 26, 2019.

The Big Picture

Many pet owners aren’t interested in breeding their pets (either on purpose or accidentally). When you choose to spay or neuter, your pet will experience the following incredible health benefits:

  • Decrease in certain cancers (uterine, ovarian, mammary, testicular)
  • Fewer reproductive organ infections or issues with the prostate, hernias, and perianal tumors
  • Decreased desire to roam, which reduces the chances of accidental injury
  • Reduces aggressive and territorial behaviors (like marking)

The reproduction cycle and pet overpopulation problem can be controlled through spaying and neutering. With millions of homeless cats and dogs entering the shelter system each year, this choice is a humane and effective one.

We Can Spay or Neuter!

Driving to and from a veterinary hospital with a scared and stressed pet is no longer an issue with our state-of-the-art mobile clinic. Situated just steps from your door, we can perform these straight forward surgical procedures for your pet:

  • Spay – We remove the ovaries and uterus of female cats and dogs (surgical hysterectomy)
  • Neuter – In male pets, this involves removing the testicles (also called castration)

We take every precaution to ensure your pet is safe and comfortable. Pain relief medication may be part of their post-op care, as well as other safety precautions regarding the incision.

Good for All

Preventing unwanted litters is key to reducing the worldwide overpopulation of pets. In short, spaying or neutering your pet can save lives and reduce suffering. When combined with other facets of routine wellness care (like vaccinations, parasite prevention, and dental care), pets have a good chance at living long, healthy, happy lives.

Please let us know if you have questions about whether to spay or neuter your pet. Dr. Kwacz is always here for you and your furry companion!