A grey kitten on a couch

Cats can sometimes come off like they’re a little… unimpressed? Indeed, just try to capture your cat’s attention with a string or piece of yarn, only to be greeted with a ‘meh’.

While your cat may temporarily convince you that your efforts are nothing short of miraculous, they’ll eventually yawn and simply strut away. In this way, it can feel impossible to adequately entertain your indoor cat. However, figuring out what makes them “tick” is a worthwhile endeavor that leads to the peak of feline happiness.

The Prey Drive

Cats inherited a strong prey drive from their ancestors. Their highly developed hearing helps them locate prey from a distance, only to stalk and kill them with ease. If your cat has some or limited access to the outdoors, they might bring you home a trophy kill every once in a while. 

For a strictly indoor cat, it’s important to provide toys that mimic prey. Toys covered in feathers or that make chirping sounds, toys that resemble mice and make bone-breaking noises when pounced upon, or just a simple laser pointer can help your indoor cat tune into their special instincts. 


It’s super easy to collect cat toys over time. Be sure to take away items and store them every time you bring home new ones meant to inspire your indoor cat. By keeping a rotation going, your fluffy friend is less likely to grow bored of their toys.

Scaling Walls and More

Your indoor cat is likely graceful and agile. Why not give them something that employs their acrobatic skills? There are many ways to use your home’s vertical space to inspire your cat’s interests, including ramps, staggering platforms, hammocks, and perches. You can even stash treats in places that they’d have to sniff out. 

A Feline Friend?

Cats are creatures of habit. They like their routines, space and personal belongings. While they are incredibly territorial, many cats warm up to new additions to the household fairly well (if given plenty of time and loads of incentives!).

If your indoor cat is friendly, and you want to try adopting a new friend to keep your resident feline entertained, comforted, and secure, it is always recommended to go slowly. Never rush your cat into accepting a new family pet. 

A Happy Indoor Cat

It may sound like a tall order to keep your indoor cat safe, healthy and happy at all times. Designing and building a catio, or cat patio, can solve many problems associated with restricted living (weight gain, diabetes, arthritis, depression, etc.). You can install all sorts of fun things to entertain your indoor cat, like bird feeders (at a safe distance of course), non-toxic plants, toys, water fountains, perches and more. 


One of the best things about cat ownership is the bond between you and your cat. When all of their mental and physical needs are met, cats can be the incredible best friends they’re meant to be. 

If you have additional questions about caring for your indoor cat, we hope you will contact us. We’re always here for you at Mobile Vet M.D.